KRYSTLE CLEAR: Ex-cop's call for Victorians to come together

Avi Yemini talks to former acting senior sergeant Krystle Mitchell

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You will probably recognise former acting senior sergeant Krystle Mitchell.

She dramatically quit the force after confronting scenes, some of the officers hitting protesters with their rifles and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd, driving her out.

She cited strong ethical concerns with how the police were being commanded by the Daniel Andrews government.

Now in civilian attire, she's become a vocal supporter at recent rallies and I caught up with her at the weekend and asked her what the mood was like from within the force now that the reality of the situation has become more apparent to more and more people.

"More than anything, I've had frontline support," she said.

"They're frontline officers that don't agree with the pandemic laws, they don't want to be enforcing them. It's not what they signed up to be a police officer for.

"I know that these people didn't sign up to enforce draconian lockdowns, to shoot rubber bullets at people that are peacefully protesting, that are unarmed...

"We didn't sign up to, you know, put our feet on the neck of Australians or Victorian citizens. So I know that they are quietly behind us, they are still in the job, we need good cops to stay in the police force ... I don't advocate for them to leave, but I do advocate for them to fight behind closed doors."

Last month Mitchell announced that she was stepping into the political arena, running for Federal Senate with the Liberal Democrats.

"Really what the Liberal Democratic Party stands for is that we're held accountable by the people as a party and I thought 'that sounds fantastic, that's what I want to align myself to'," she said.

"I made enquiries to join just as a member. I had a lot of people say 'you need to stand up, you need to be a candidate', ... this is something that is certainly outside of my comfort zone, but if not now then when? And if not this fight, then what fight?"

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  • By Avi Yemini

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