Left to Die: Liberals pushing suicide bill as answer to all problems

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In 2016, the controversial Bill C-14 was introduced, making Canada one of the few places in the world where euthanasia is formally legal. 

After the bill was passed, between 2016 and 2019, 13,946 Canadians received medically-assisted deaths. But a new bill — Bill C-7 — is raising serious concerns about which individuals should be eligible for medical assistance in dying (or, MAID) services.

If you haven't heard of Bill C-7 yet, you’re not alone. 

Despite the importance of this bill, the media has been silent. Those in opposition to it, like Cloverdale-Langley MP Tamara Jansen and St. Albert-Edmonton MP Michael Cooper, argue that it is being rushed through by the government, and that more discussion about its potential impact is needed.

But it’s not just MPs that are concerned about the bill. Medical professionals and members of the disabled community have also pleaded for it to be reconsidered.

Watch my interview with MP Michael Cooper to learn more about this concerning bill, one that is literally life-or-death for many Canadians.

After Bills regarding MAID are passed, medical professionals and hospice workers can be put in a position that goes against their religious or ethical values. 

One such worker, Angelina Ireland from the Delta Hospice Society, described the pressure her hospice is receiving to perform MAID as “stone cold communism.”

Do you think bills with such widespread impacts should be rushed through parliament?

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