The left no longer stands with the 'little guy': Ezra Levant

'Trudeau for example — I mean he exudes privilege, he's a trust fund kid. No Trudeau has worked in three generations.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how the political left in Canada has turned its back on the working class.

Ezra spoke about how the leaders of the left-wing parties in Canada like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are out of touch with the blue-collar citizens they claim to represent.

Speaking about the prime minister, Ezra said, "Justin Trudeau the other day was in a meeting in Calgary, and he talked about 'once I met the overall people.'"

"It's like he was in a museum and saw some freak curiosity. 'Look at that! Someone in overalls!'"

Ezra also brought up NDP leader Jagmeet Singh's propensity to wear flashy and expensive clothes while showing off accessories like luxury watches.

"Jagmeet Singh, incredibly, is even worse. Before he became the leader of the NDP he actually did glamour photoshoots showing off luxury goods, tens of thousands of dollars on a watch and luxury travel," he explained.

"I don't begrudge a guy [for] money that he earns. But when you claim to be for the working man and you rail against the rich, you should play the part in your own personal life I think."

Ezra went on to discuss how Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is actually the leader that likely comes from the most working-class background.

"He's the one by far with the most working-class background. And I think he's doing well amongst people in the working classes, not just because he has policies that suit them, but because he's used to them. He's from them. I think he is a working-class Conservative," he said.

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