Alex Jones calls out Liberals for trying to gaslight Canadians on central bank digital currency

'CBDC and internet ID systems are being rolled out now. The WEF backed left in Canada is trying to say it's made up. Try again gaslighting punks!!' Jones posted.

Alex Jones calls out Liberals for trying to gaslight Canadians on central bank digital currency
X / RealAlexJones and The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Alex Jones engaged in another spat with a Trudeau Liberal after MP Mark Gerretsen posted a video calling Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Jones' "protege."

The 49-second video features Jones and Poilievre side by side using terms considered taboo by Liberal politicians, such as "globalists," "central bank digital currency," (CBDC) and even a mention of the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

Jones rebutted the attack by highlighting the factual accuracy of the topics he and Poilievre criticize.

"CBDC and internet ID systems are being rolled out now. The WEF-backed left in Canada is trying to say it's made up. Try again, gaslighting punks!!" Jones responded.

It's been just over a week since the Liberals first slung mud at Jones in an attempt to associate him with Poilievre. Earlier in April, Jones responded to criticism from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who mentioned the InfoWars host by name in the House of Commons.

Trudeau condemned Jones and scorned Poilievre for not having immediately denounced Jones' endorsement of his leadership.

"Speaking of misinformation and disinformation,” Trudeau began, “any responsible leader that receives an endorsement and support from proven conspiracy theorist and liar, Alex Jones, would have immediately denounced that. But that's not what the leader of the opposition did. He did absolutely nothing because those kinds of endorsements fit within his political strategy."

Jones responded to the jab by calling Trudeau a man-child who "says he admires 'China's basic dictatorship.'"

Jones also attacked Trudeau for his celebration of a Nazi in Parliament this past September: “Is this the same Trudeau that gave a standing ovation to an actual Nazi war criminal from WW2?”

Jones' endorsement of Poilievre came on April 4, after he posted a video of Poilievre criticizing Trudeau. Jones called Poilievre the "real deal."

"Been following this guy for years and he is the real deal!" Jones said. "Canada desperately needs a lot more leaders like him and so does the rest of the world."

Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, spoke at an event at Harvard University in 2017 where he explained how they “penetrate” the cabinets of various democratically governed countries through their Young Global Leaders program.

“What we are very proud of now, is this young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau or President of Argentina, so that we [can] penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet or even more than half of his cabinet are from the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum,” he said.

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