Lewis questioned on gender ideology and Bill C-4

Activist 'Billboard Chris' Elston confronted Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis in Vancouver over her party's support for the controversial conversion therapy ban, Bill C-4.

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Last Thursday, during her campaign event at North Vancouver’s Seymour Golf and Country Club, Conservative Party leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis proved yet again that unlike many politicians, she does not hide from tough questions.

The Haldimand—Norfolk MP has routinely opened the floor up for Q&A sessions after her campaign events, despite not being able to control what issues may be raised.

Dr. Lewis continued with this open approach even after her team was made aware that activist Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris”, would be in attendance, and likely armed with a controversial question regarding gender ideology.

Elston is an activist who travels across North America to raise awareness about the health risks associated with giving children puberty blockers and the gender ideology that is correlated with a spike in children believing they are born in the wrong bodies.

“What are you going to do about Bill C-4, are you going to appeal it?” Elston asked after speaking at length about who he is, and his concerns how gender ideology is influencing children.

The controversial and poorly defined bill was brought forward by the federal Liberals and was unanimously supported by the Conservative Party under the leadership Erin O’Toole.

While at first glance the bill can come across as a ban on coercive and forceful forms of conversion therapy, the reality is that the legislation's poorly defined description of conversion therapy, and the overall vagueness, could result in a parent or religious leader who gives advice or counsel that could be deemed as a conversation that “forms part of an intervention designed to make a person heterosexual or cisgender” being criminally punished.

Elston also asked Lewis what she would do for children in Canada who “are being groomed in schools and online to believe they’re born in the wrong body, and they’re getting irreversible damage at the hands of unethical doctors in our children's hospitals and gender clinics?”

“We need to be there for those parents” responded Lewis, who said she had the opportunity to speak with many parents struggling in this area, including ones who believe that medical transitioning should be an adult decision.

“That is why we need a parental rights bill sir,” she added before briefly describing what such a bill would allow parents to do.

In direct response to Elston’s question on Bill C-4, Lewis called “the fact that we did not go through the legislation” a failure and promised that if the bill were to prohibit pastors from being there to support parents and their families, then “we will look at making sure that that definition does not inadvertently penalize parents and does not inadvertently penalize pastors.”

You can see Lewis’ full response, including when things got a little heated in the room after Elston was left unsatisfied with the MP’s answer, in our full report above.

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