Liberal MP who apologized for racist remarks wants more anti-racism laws

Cape Breton Liberal MP Jaime Battiste is a pretty great Liberal. He doesn’t seem like all that great of a guy to me, but as a Liberal? He is nailing it.

Because just like his blackface groper of a boss who won’t shut up about systemic racism and feminism, Battiste is accusing Canadians of that which he is guilty of — and he wants to punish you for his wrongdoing.

Look at this from The Cape Breton Post:

Jaime Battiste says the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms needs more teeth to curb racism.

“I don’t believe we’ve created enough disincentives for people to stop being so openly racists,” said the MP for Sydney-Victoria.

The Mi’kmaq MP is unclear if fines or other punishments would be the appropriate course of action but he thinks actionable items need to be discussed.

But nine months ago, during the election campaign, Battiste was apologizing for being a racist himself.