Liberals have no plan to address the ongoing influx of migrants at Roxham Road

The southern Quebec site of the most significant number of so-called irregular border crossings in Canada is so busy that before the pandemic-induced closure of illegal entry points, nearby residents were offered compensation.

Liberals have no plan to address the ongoing influx of migrants at Roxham Road
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Using an order paper question, Conservative MP Raquel Dancho asked the Federal Government if it had a concrete plan to address the steady and sometimes increasing stream of border jumpers making improper refugee claims from a safe third country, America. 

"About the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road: does the government have any plans to shut down the border crossing, and, if so, when?"

The response - or lack of one -read into the Hansard record from the Public Safety Ministry indicates there is nothing tangible to end the illegal migrant crossings at the dead-end Quebec residential road.

Instead, the department's response detailed the logistics of when a migrant arrives at the illicit corner:

When asylum seekers cross the border at Roxham Road, they are advised by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that they enter Canada illegally and are subject to arrest. When the asylum seeker expresses their intent to continue and make a refugee claim, they are arrested and processed by the RCMP and subsequently transferred to the CBSA for processing the refugee claim.

Since the border restrictions under the Quarantine Act ended in 2021, there has been an increase in refugee claimants entering Canada between the POEs. Asylum seekers are once again accessing the route to Canada at Roxham Road. 

The Liberal government, however, closed the illegal point of entry during the COVID-19 pandemic before re-opening it in 2021, when unvaccinated Canadians were restricted from travel.

The first months of 2022 were the busiest winter for crossing at Roxham.

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