Liberals using COVID, war in Ukraine to push censorship

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez announced the government's most recent plans for increasing censorship.

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After using the pandemic as an excuse to push censorship, the Trudeau Liberals are now shifting to the war in Ukraine as a justification for further censorship efforts. Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez yesterday announced the government's Digital Citizen Initiative to “counter disinformation.”

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examined the announcement, focusing on the government's desire to censor their political opponents.

Pointing to a part of the press release that said “stakeholders will be contacted in a few days,” Ezra said:

So they don't even have this planned out, really. They haven't talked to anyone yet — they will in the coming days. They don't care, this hasn't gone through Parliament.

What's Parliament? I mean, Putin doesn't use his Duma [the lower house of the Russian assembly] parliament either, they're all just for show. They're going to contact the “lottery winners”, I mean the “stakeholders”, who will be showered with cash.

I'm going to guess that Edward Greenspon will receive some and other anti-hate groups. They'll use that phrase, probably. Hate being defined as anyone who disagrees with Trudeau.

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