Lidia Thorpe BANNED from strip club after racist tirade

Senator Thorpe caught on camera hurling insults and threats to club security after a wild night out in the city.

Lidia Thorpe BANNED from strip club after racist tirade
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Senator Lidia Thorpe has been permanently banned from a Melbourne strip club after racially abusing and threatening other patrons.

Maxine's Gentleman Club manager David Ross said that the senator has been officially banned for life in a letter delivered to her office earlier today.

In the letter, Ross wrote:

"Please do not attempt to enter the venue in future, as being refused entry may cause further embarrassment." He went on to emphasise the club's commitment to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, stating, "Maxine's Gentlemen’s Club is a local Brunswick club which prides itself on providing a relaxed environment and fostering harmony between patrons of all genders and from all ethnic and religious backgrounds; a fact the staff and dancers are very proud of."

After examining security footage and consulting with staff and security personnel, Ross concluded that Senator Thorpe's behaviour was not in line with the club's values, ultimately resulting in her ban.

"With this in mind, and after reviewing security footage and speaking with staff and security, I have to inform you that you are no longer welcome at Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club,"

Ross wrote in the letter.

Thorpe was caught on camera engaging in a profanity-laden argument with a group of men outside Maxine's Gentleman's Club in Brunswick at around 3am on Sunday. In the footage, Senator Thorpe can be seen pointing her finger and hurling insults, including telling one man that he has a "small penis."

During the heated exchange, Thorpe approached one man, telling him menacingly, "you, you are marked." When another individual called her a "racist dog," Thorpe fired back with an expletive before being held back by a friend. The senator was reportedly celebrating a friend's 50th birthday at the time.

The incident was captured by 7News, which reported that one of the men involved described Senator Thorpe as "out of control." The senator later told 7News Sydney that the men had provoked and harassed her, adding, "It's sad people are utilising whatever they can to drag me down when we're trying to discuss important issues in this country."

This is not the first time Senator Thorpe, who broke away from the Greens earlier this year, has been in the spotlight for her bad behaviour. Previously, she was forced to resign as the Green Party's deputy leader in the Senate after failing to disclose her relationship with former bikie boss Dean Martin while serving on a committee investigating bikie gangs.

Thorpe also faced backlash after interjecting during a parliamentary debate with the comment "at least I keep my legs shut," allegedly directed at Liberal senator Hollie Hughes. She was later forced to issue an unreserved apology for her remark.

In February, the senator caused a stir at Sydney's Mardi Gras parade by laying down in front of an Australian Federal Police float and shouting profanities. Just last month, Thorpe disrupted a "Let Women Speak" event outside Parliament House in Canberra, organized by women's rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen.

Wearing an Aboriginal flag, Thorpe attempted to approach Keen but was intercepted by police. The senator later claimed she had been "pulverised" by officers and referred to Keen as "filth," asserting that the campaigner should not be allowed to speak on Aboriginal land.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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