Lockdown Reports: We're going BACK to Montreal this weekend!

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Our Rebel News team is heading back to Montreal this weekend to document another freedom rally and to monitor police curfew enforcement. This time, we're bringing even more people along, including David Menzies and our head of video production Efron Monsanto.

The first Montreal trip was inspired by some shocking footage we saw coming from a protest two weeks ago where riot police aggressively arrested protesters and fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. We saw much of the same last weekend, just without the tear gas. We had a chance to speak to some of the protesters to get their thoughts on the lockdown and police response.

When all was said and done, we came back to Toronto with hours of footage, two great videos and more than $6,000 in curfew and mask violations, most of which we racked up in one night when we were investigating the Montreal police's curfew enforcement, particularly in the city's Hasidic Jewish community.

Much like last week, we need your help to fund our modest travel and reporting costs.

We want to keep documenting what's really going on in Montreal, so we can show the world what harm these arbitrary curfew measures are doing to normal, everyday people.

Our trip last weekend cost us $350 for a four day car rental, $300 on gas, $1,000 on food bringing us to a total of about $1,650 for the whole trip. We're expecting about the same this weekend. Can you help us keep bringing you this quality coverage that the mainstream media outlets won't show you? You can donate or see our coverage at www.LockdownReports.com.

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