INVESTIGATION: Montreal police curfew enforcement on Hasidic Jewish community

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For the past few months, I have been out filming the enforcement of curfew in Montreal, Quebec, specifically the Plateau and Outremont area where I grew up. These reports show you what the lockdown really looks like, unlike what you see in the mainstream media.

This past weekend, a Rebel News crew came to Montreal to report on the Worldwide Freedom Rally anti-lockdown protest, and to document the curfew situation in the city. I also got a chance to show our crew around an area that has been heavily targeted by the police during curfew hours, patrolling the streets in search of potential violators and, in our case, non-violators as well.

We were in the area doing interviews and filming the street when we saw police putting a young man into a police car. We started rolling our cameras and the cops called for backup, to stop the "threat" of the media doing their job. The four of us from our Rebel team ended up getting fined $1,550 each for breaking curfew, for a total of $6,200.

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