Lying MPs are 'too chicken' to cancel the carbon tax | Kris Sims

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Kris Sims joins The Gunn Show, where she tells Sheila Gunn Reid how the CTF is protesting lying MPs who are "too chicken" to vote in favour of cancelling the carbon tax.

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The carbon tax imposed on provinces by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is costing Canadians in just about every way imaginable. Despite arguing that people would save money because of the tax, Trudeau finally capitulated to political pressure from Atlantic Canada, creating a special exemption for home heating oils.

Rightfully, the rest of the country wondered: what about us?

On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for a look at the organization's efforts to keep up the fight against Trudeau's carbon tax.

The CTF has been running a new campaign, protesting Liberal MPs and encouraging them to take further steps to keep chipping away at the carbon tax.

Discussing the group's new project, Sims explained why, despite seeming a little silly on the surface, the chicken costume is necessary messaging tactic:

We do it for a reason, and it's because it really makes politicians made. Like, you mock them — and especially if they're just self-important, overpaid stuffed shirts — they get really uppity and really miffed, really fast when the 'smelly peasants' start criticizing them and start teasing them.

So that is why we have Fibber, who looks a lot like the Italian folklore puppet Pinocchio. So whenever a politician lies, which is like every day, we can deploy Fibber. We also have a big honkin' pink pig in a tuxedo, and he's Porky The Waste Eater. 

So now, this flock of chickens has joined our ranks.

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