Most Liberal MPs are 'too chicken' to demand fair treatment on the carbon tax

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Tonight, Sheila Gunn Reid speaks on rather a cheeky campaign by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), in a bid to name and shame the vast majority of Liberal MPs who voted against carbon tax reprieve for all home heating.

In MP offices across Canada, CTF directors are showing up in chicken costumes to picket the Liberal cowards who approved a carbon tax exemption for eastern Canadians who heat with oil while voting against fairness for other Canadians who heat their homes with natural gas.

Western Liberal MPs Randy Boissonnault in Edmonton and George Chahal in Calgary chose to satisfy the whims of their leader rather than seek fairness for the people who voted them in to represent their interests.

Canadians, and not just those in regions like Atlantic Canada where some safe Liberal seats are in play, are experiencing an inflationary crisis made worse by the Trudeau Liberals' carbon tax and out-of-control spending.

Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, is joining me tonight to discuss Alberta's new Bill One, the media bailout and its effect on the trust of journalists, and all the weak-kneed poultry in Trudeau's caucus.

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