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Mad Max is angry with the Media Party. Can you blame him?

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Gracious, Canada has experienced its day of infamy. What is it this time, you ask? Well, PPC leader Maxime Bernier has allegedly assaulted and doxx’d members of the beloved Media Party. Well, sort of.
By way of explanation, Bernier had mentioned three MSM reporters in a tweet, calling them “idiots” and describing their efforts to question him as “disgusting smear jobs.” He then made note of their email addresses and urged supporters to give them a piece of their minds.

This, apparently, is doxxing. Except that it isn’t. Doxxing would be sending out the home addresses of the journalists, something Bernier would never do. He distributed email addresses that are already publicly available. Why would a journalist want to keep his or her email secret? You want to be accessible to sources and whistleblowers and your audience, right?

As for the assaults, well, those would be... written “assaults.” Now, granted, some of the emails sent by some PPC supporters were vile indeed. From rape threats to comments that reeked of antisemitism and Islamaphobia. Those emails are despicable and need to be condemned. But these were not sent by Bernier.

By the way, you should see the emailed garbage we receive here at Rebel News. For months, there was some individual who always prefaced his attack on me by stating, “How can we trust anything David Menzies says given that he is a convicted pedophile.” I didn’t go running to the Canadian Association of Journalists; rather, I laughed at the perverse absurdity of it all and moved on.

Besides, going to the CAJ would make for a fool’s errand. They only stand up for offended MSM types.

Remember when my colleague Sheila Gunn Reid was physically assaulted at a feminist rally by a pathetic soy-boy called Dion Bews? No condemnation by the CAJ there. And later, a puff piece was broadcast by the CBC about this jabroni’s guitar shop. Nice to see the CBC rewarding misogyny...

Naturally, Bernier’s Twitter account was suspended by this silicon valley censor for 12 hours. Twitter said in a media statement that Bernier's tweets violated the company's private information policy. Well, of course, it did. Just like President Trump did.

Meanwhile, Twitter dare not suspend the accounts of terrorist groups and terrorist-friendly regimes – that might be... culturally insensitive...But seriously, can you blame Mr. Bernier for going after members of the MSM given their appalling coverage of that party?

Here’s perhaps the worst example: on the Friday before Election Day, consider what Alan Carter did on the uber-woke joke radio station that is AM640 Toronto. The topic: the unexpected surge in the polls by the PPC.

That's definitely a good topic. But consider the guest Carter interviewed to give insight on this story: Dr. Barbara Perry, the Director of the Centre on Hate, Bias, and Extremism! What the hell?! Um, Alan, it's the P-P-C we're talking here, not the K-K-K. Disgusting.

So, please, taxpayer-funded MSM snowflakes, spare us your tears already. And if you can’t take the email heat, get out of the media kitchen... as opposed to smearing and censoring a party that does not agree with your appallingly PC narrative.

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