Mainstream media reported hospital protest as “terrifying” — don't believe the hype

David Menzies was on the scene outside of Toronto General Hospital where the mainstream media hyped a “terrifying” protest outside of the building.

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A protest took place on Monday outside Toronto General Hospital by Canadian Frontline Nurses and their allies. Par for the course, these people were demonized by the usual suspects as “Covidiots,” “deplorables,” “nutjobs” and, of course, “a bunch of yahoos.”

Of note, there was a large police presence at the hospital, fuelling speculation that Toronto was going to have an Australia moment. Indeed, was the mounted unit — which was on standby nearby — going to come charging in? That seemed to be a good bet to place, especially since virtually every mainstream outlet had come out to cover this protest. That was very telling, because they rarely cover anti-lockdown and vax choice demonstrations. Those people are unhinged in their eyes, so it's best not to give them any attention whatsoever.

But there was a different vibe in the air on Monday. The mainstream media types were out in full force, and like a bunch of sharks smelling blood in the water, these sluggos were champing at the bit to engage in a feeding frenzy in which they would, no doubt, cheer on the cops cracking heads of the non-compliant.

But to their credit, the police, did not whack ‘em and stack ‘em, denying the Media Party acolytes the Adamson Barbecue smackdown show that they so desperately craved.

Even so, a completely false narrative was spun by the Media Party rank and file: namely, that healthcare workers and even patients were being harassed and even prevented from entering the hospital. CTV tweeted that the situation on the ground was “terrifying”… even though there was no terror to be seen (in fact, it was so peaceful that an ice cream truck was on scene vending sundaes and banana splits).

A tiny group of counter-demonstrators showed up, who were very much embraced by the Media Party. There were even members of Antifa on scene. We attempted to find out why they were there, but they lacked the intelligence to articulate their thoughts, as per usual.

Of course, Justin Trudeau decided to exploit this nothing-burger with non-fries by stating that if re-elected, his government would make it a crime to block access to healthcare facilities. As well, it would be a crime to intimidate healthcare workers or medical patients.

Said Trudeau: “We’re going to make it a criminal offence for anyone to threaten or intimidate a healthcare practitioner on their way to work in the practice and exercise of their duty or a patient on their way to get medical services.”

And so the circle of deceit completed itself in spectacular fashion, thanks to Prime Minister Trudeau not letting a crisis go to waste — even, alas, if there never was a crisis to begin with…

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  • By Lincoln Jay

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