Major medical groups demand U.S. DOJ to clamp down on trans-critical 'disinformation'

The hospitals claim that their medical staff face threats through social media, emails, and phone calls, as well as protesters, according to a letter.

Major medical groups demand US DOJ clamp down on trans-critical 'disinformation'
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Several major medical groups, including the American Medical Association, are calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate threats of violence against children's hospitals and doctors who provide trans surgeries to minors.

The letter, which was jointly penned by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Medical Association, and the Children’s Hospital Association to Attorney General Merrick Garland, also calls on social media companies, Twitter, TikTok, and Meta, to crack down on what they refer to as "coordinated campaigns of disinformation," Axios reported.

According to Axios, several children’s hospitals in the United States have faced disruptions after they were outed for offering and promoting gender transition procedures, including invasive and irreversible surgeries like mastectomies for minors.

The hospital's claim that their medical staff  face threats through social media, emails, and phone calls, as well as protesters, according to the letter.

"As physicians, we condemn groups that promote hate-motivated intolerance and toxic misinformation that can lead to grave real-world violence and extremism and jeopardize patients' health outcomes," said AMA President Jack Resneck Jr. in a statement. He noted that the group will work with law enforcement to protect physicians and healthcare providers.

As detailed by investigative journalist and writer Christopher Rufo, the organizations are asking Big Tech and the DOJ to "censor, deplatform, investigate, and prosecute journalists who question the orthodoxy of radical gender surgeries for minors," by referring to such criticism as "disinformation."

"This is now the Left's playbook: last year, the National School Board Association, Department of Justice, and F.B.I. worked together to label parents who opposed critical race theory ‘domestic terrorists,’" continued Rufo. "They want to stifle dissent, suppress speech, and criminalize opposition."

"We need to our local fascism expert [Jason Stanley] to let us know if a collaboration between the state security services and the largest corporations to silence political opposition is ‘fascism’—or if that's moot because the current president isn't orange-colored," quipped Rufo at one of his critics. Stanley is a staunch opponent of any criticism towards woke ideology.

Rufo laid it out: 

The morality of this situation is blindingly clear:

  • Threatening hospitals is wrong. 
  • Censoring journalists is wrong.
  • Criminalizing political opposition is wrong.
  • Surgically removing a child's genitalia is wrong.

"If ‘gender-affirming care’ is so good, the activists and doctors who promote it—and profit from it—should defend their practices in the realm [of] public opinion," continued the writer.
“In a democracy, everyone gets to weigh in on important issues, not just regime-approved apparatchiks."

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