Man JAILED for not wearing a mask in a city with ONE case

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Two days ago, Western Australia recorded ONE new Coronavirus case, instantly giving the state government an excuse to lockdown nearly 2 million people.

Premier McGowan not only shut down an entire city for ONE case, but he also mandated masks in his MASSIVE overreaction.

Within hours, WA Police arrested and JAILED a 41-year-old man for failing to comply with the new mask rule.

The "rule breaker" will be in jail at least until his next appearance on the 19th of February because the magistrate refused his bail.

No new cases have been recorded in Western Australia, but the government refuses to lift the lockdown early.

In Victoria, Daniel Andrews plans to extend the State of Emergency again, for an additional six months.

Before the pandemic, a State of Emergency could only be legally declared for up to six months. This extension would make it a year over the legal limit.

Declaring the State of Emergency gives the government unprecedented powers including the enforcement of lockdowns, quarantine, curfews and masks.

Daniel Andrews says we need to get used to "the new Covid-normal" as vaccines may not prevent the virus' spread.

Meanwhile in Perth, while a man sits in jail for refusing to wear a mask, hotel quarantine guards of infected returned travellers are exempt from the mask mandate.

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