Man wrongfully named as Bondi killer engages top defamation lawyer

Sydney Jewish man Benjamin Cohen, targeted by online trolls over the Bondi Junction mass murder, seeks legal support against baseless allegations.

Man wrongfully named as Bondi killer engages top defamation lawyer
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Benjamin Cohen, the Sydney Jewish man, who found himself the target of false accusations following the Bondi Junction mass murder has reportedly engaged one of Australia’s foremost defamation lawyers.

Despite police identifying Joel Cauchi as the actual assailant, online trolls, including Maram Susli, known as Syrian Girl, and Simeon Boikov, known as Aussie Cossack, erroneously targeted Cohen, sparking a wave of antisemitic vitriol.

Even mainstream media outlets like Australia’s Channel Seven fell for the false allegation, further compounding Cohen's distress.

Concerned about the ramifications of baseless accusations, Cohen stressed the potential harm inflicted on innocent lives, labelling such actions as "very dangerous."

He urged for more responsibility in online discourse, highlighting the ease with which falsehoods can ruin lives.

Meanwhile, the real perpetrator, Cauchi, was swiftly confronted and neutralised by NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott, underscoring the importance of accurate reporting and swift law enforcement intervention in such crises.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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