Manitoba has issued more than $2.6 million in COVID fines since April 2020

Manitoba has issued more than $2.6 million in COVID fines since April 2020
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Since Manitoba's COVID enforcement efforts began in April 2020, the province has issued 4,910 warnings and 1,979 tickets, resulting in more than $2.6 million in fines to businesses and individuals.

Last week, between June 14 and 20, the province confirmed that they issued 87 warnings and 59 tickets related to COVID enforcement.

Of the 59 tickets:

46 tickets worth $1,296 were issued to individuals

11 tickets worth $298 were issued to individuals for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places

2 tickets worth $5,000 were issued to businesses

Of the 46 tickets worth $1,296, 35 were issued to individuals to relation to gatherings in private residences or outdoors.

10 of the 46 were related to failure to self-isolate, and the last one was handed to a sole proprietorship.

Manitoba's government also announced a plan to continue to patrol provincial parks until the end of September:

Manitobans are advised that conservation and park patrol officers are enforcing public health and state of emergency orders within provincial parks, and issued one ticket to an individual over the past week related to a gathering size.

The Manitoba government has extended the Additional Enforcement Personnel Regulation to Sept. 30 from the current repeal date of June 30 to maintain the capacity to enforce public health emergency orders and emergency health hazard orders made under the Public Health Act.

Earlier this month, Manitoba announced both a vaccine passport and a vaccine lottery with $2 million in cash and scholarships as potential prizes.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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