Manitoba using “Enviro-Officers” to issue COVID tickets after RCMP stand back

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The RCMP have apparently refused to participate in Brian Pallister's vindictive targeting of Christians near Steinbach, Manitoba. The widely disliked premier has resorted to using an obscure branch of the law enforcement tree to do his dirty work.

Pallister has rapidly become infamous, known across Canada as the most draconian and oppressive leader in the nation. His poll numbers reflect the obvious: nobody likes him or his plan. He has historically low approval ratings, in the low 30s.

His lockdown of local shops and restaurants was one thing, cancelling Christmas was another, but in his race to the bottom, he has also vilified churches.

Specifically, he has had law enforcement harass and ticket leaders of the Church of God near Steinbach, MB. Pallister says that the Christians gathering there are a risk Manitoba can’t afford. Over $10,000 in fines have been issued to the congregation, the church, and its leadership.

After Rebel News was on location to cover the province’s handling of a Sunday service, where we recorded employees of Manitoba Justice handing out over around $5,000 in fines to Pastor Tobias Tissen, the government changed course. The day after our publication of the human rights violations happening in rural Manitoba, drive-in church services were re-legalized. A miracle! Or so we thought.

Shortly thereafter, Tissen got a call from the RCMP, saying that they had been ordered to hand down a retroactive ticket for a church gathering in late November. Even after the province accepted that they were wrong, they had to press the boot down one last time.

It seemed, however, that the RCMP didn’t want anything to do with this unconstitutional persecution of Christians. According to the church leadership, the RCMP had a constructive relationship with the church. They “didn't want to block our driveway again,” Pastor Tissen said.

The officer handing down the retroactive fine on December 9 wasn’t with the RCMP, the local police, or even with the Department of Health. No, the person handing down a COVID-ticket was an environment officer with Manitoba Conservation.

Excuse me? If even Trudeau's RCMP don't want to participate in it, you might have gone too far this time, Brian.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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