Mary Ng linked to group labelled as Chinese communist front group

Minister Ng has attended Confederation events. Shaun Chen, Majid Jowhari, and Han Dong were the other three Liberal MPs who publicly endorsed the Confederation’s work.

Mary Ng linked to group labelled as Chinese communist front group
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Mary NG, trade minister and ethically-challenged Liberal MP for Markham-Thornhill, is one of four Liberal MPs to endorse the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations, named as a front group for the CCP by a parliamentary committee witness last week.

According to exclusive reporting by Blacklock's on Monday, Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, told the House Ethics Committee:

China’s interference in Canada has been soft, intangible and gradual. As a result, this build-up over the years remains invisible to many Canadians.

Urged on and supported by Chinese consulates, organizations were set up by individuals sympathetic to the regime. Chief among them are the National Congress of Chinese Canadians, NCCC, and its successor the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations.

These and many other proxy organizations practice the art of astroturfing, echoing the Party line to defend China’s foreign and domestic policies.

In addition to engaging friendly academics and business people to advocate on its behalf, China also spreads its tentacles to cultivate elected officials and infiltrate political institutions at all levels of Canadian society.

Minister Ng has attended Confederation events. Three other Liberal MPs publicly endorsed the Confederation’s work: Shaun Chen, and Majid Jowhari, and scandal-plagued Han Dong. All 4 MPs are from the GTA.

Ng was trotted out last week to accuse critics of the Chinese government's influence in Canadian elections of anti-Chinese racism.

Ng's accusations of bigotry levelled at critics mirror those of the Prime Minister made last week when he was pressed on what he knew about CSIS allegations against Liberal MP Han Dong and when he knew it.

A CSIS whistleblower accused Dong of benefiting from Chinese government meddling in his riding. The same CSIS leaker claims to have warned senior Liberal Party brass about concerns of foreign influence in Dong's nomination, but Trudeau directly intervened to salvage Dong's candidacy.

Ng was recently found guilty of violating ethics rules after awarding a $22,000 government contract to a longtime friend, Amanda Alvaro.

Ng and Alvaro went on vacation together in 2015.

Alvaro, a communications professional and CBC panelist, was the organizer behind the infamous 2013 Trudeau "ladies' night" fundraiser, wherein the future prime minister confessed that China was his favourite dictatorship.

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