Mask-exempt patient denied mask exemption at hospital testing his reactive airway disease

John Vice will be heading to a private lab to get the tests he needs, for the disease that makes him mask-exempt in the first place.

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John Vice was shocked to discover that his local hospital doesn’t honour mask exemptions as per the Reopening Ontario Act Regulation 364/20.

Attending Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario with requisitions from his respirologist in hand, John was subsequently denied entry into the hospital due to his mask exemption.

The irony is that John was heading to tests for the very reason he is mask exempt, as he suffers from reactive airway disease.

At the entryway, his health card was also confiscated and not returned!

John refers to the medical establishment in Canada as having a monopoly on healthcare. He notes that if Costco denies him entry and refuses to honour his mask exemption, he can simply go to Walmart and shop freely.

But when a hospital does it, there is little room for alternatives. However, he will be following up with a private lab to conduct his much-needed medical testing.

One thing is for certain: a disability, no matter how hidden, should not act as a barrier to individuals seeking medical testing, treatment or care.

These indiscriminate mask mandates are unethical and deny the very individuals that fund the system oppressing them.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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