Masks on kindergarteners cause “more harm than good”: Ontario parents protest school board decision

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Would Jesus wear a mask?

Recently, parents and allies protested outside of Oakville (Ontario) Town Hall to stage their opposition to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s proposal push ahead with its mandatory face mask rule for all students (including junior kindergarten.)

When classes resumed earlier this month, the provincial government mandated that students in Grades 4 and up were required to wear non-medical masks; however, individual school boards, if they had the approval of the local public health authority, could extend the mandatory mask rule to cover other grades as well.

Some parents in the Halton Catholic District School Board wanted the board to simply comply with the provincial guidelines (Grades 4 and up.) They allege that the Halton Public Health Unit has merely acknowledged the request of the Halton Catholic District School Board, as opposed to approving the request.

Many parents are unhappy about the mandatory masking measure for all students.

Among their arguments:

  • Young people are by far the most resilient to the Wuhan virus. In Ontario, so far only one person under 20 has died (and that person had serious health complications) so why target this demographic as opposed to those who are most at risk (namely, the elderly residing at long-term care facilities?)
  • Some young people have their breathing compromised by wearing masks, thereby wearing masks actually do more harm than good
  • There is no hard scientific evidence indicating that wearing a non-medical mask makes anyone more resilient to the virus
  • If wearing a mask is a prudent idea, why have masks never been a requirement during flu season, given that influenza is extremely contagious and potentially deadly?
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  • By Ezra Levant


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