Mass melee erupts as Eritrean political tensions fill Calgary streets

City officials have been largely silent on the incident, while news outlets seem more interested in concealing the facts about the parties involved.

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Rebel News was on location in the northeast Calgary community of Falconridge at the location where a conflict had erupted on Saturday afternoon with as many as 150 people armed with weapons engaged in politically-motivated battle.

Many Calgarians were shocked when city police posted the following tweet:

Eritrea is an East Africa nation with a one-party government that forbids the organization of opposition parties. The country's president, Isaias Afwerki, has not faced an election since the country gained independence in 1993.

While the politics are nuanced, to the best of our understanding the conflicts we see arising at Eritrean festivals often result as of consequence of supporters and critics of the current government clashing.

In essence, minor Eritrean civil wars are erupting, but on Calgary streets not Eritrean ones.

Part of the real story here though is the lack of information.

City officials have been silent, at least up to the point of our filming this report. News outlets also seem keen to bury the lede and conceal the facts about the parties involved hidden in the bottom paragraphs of articles.

Most shockingly, after witnessing pastors being arrested for opening their churchesindependent journalists assaulted and grandmothers being trampled by horses during the most peaceful protest in recent memory, police have seemingly taken a soft de-escalation approach to this armed conflict on Calgary streets.

Police even went on to tweet emphasizing their support for lawful protests and right to assembly following the melee.

At this point, we don’t event know if arrests have been made, or whether there are gang or terrorism elements at play as well.

Right now, we are left with more questions than answers. In the coming days and weeks, we will be investigating this in detail, seeking a statement from the Calgary Police Service, and bringing you the other side of the story at

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