Massive parental rally in Hamilton against school gender indoctrination, faces off with far-left activists

The '1 Million March 4 Children protest,' organized by Muslims, united hundreds of concerned parents from diverse faiths and backgrounds in the Steel City. They stood firm despite intimidation from union protesters who wrongly labeled the peaceful protest as 'hateful.'

Massive parental rally in Hamilton against school gender indoctrination, faces off with far-left activists
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On September 20, 2023, Efron Monsanto stood outside the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, just across the street from one of the city's largest malls, CF Lime Ridge.

Nearly a thousand peaceful protesters gathered to take a stand for their children against gender ideology. They were met with several hundred far-left union protesters.

The protest called the "1 Million March 4 Children" was organized by Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim man who wanted to unite Canadians to take a stand to "protect our children from indoctrination and sexualization." 

Despite the peaceful call for action for the rally, some of Canada's largest unions, labour leaders, NDP and Liberal politicians deemed the protest as "bigoted" amongst other derogatory defamations.

The city's own far-left former NDP leader of Ontario mayor, Andrea Horwath decried the Muslim protest as "the promotion of hateful rhetoric that shames, denies and erases members of our community will never be welcomed or tolerated here in [Hamilton]."

Anthony Marco, President of the Hamilton & District Labour Council, was exposed in a leaked Zoom meeting with union organizers discussing preparations for the protest.

In the meeting, he suggested using Antifa-like tactics, such as bringing in "seasoned activists" and intimidating parents by photographing their license plates.

However, in face of all the denunciation and fear mongering from the left, nearly a thousand protesters from Muslim, Christian and other denominations took to the streets and marched towards the HWDSB head-office.

"Leave our kids alone!" The large crowd chanted in defiance of the activists that tried to intimidate.

The Hamilton police were present at the scene, but initially, they were heavily outnumbered and failed to effectively separate the two opposing groups, resulting in some altercations.

One incident involved a man who was shoved to the ground while attempting to walk through the far-left's blockade of the street.

Later in the early afternoon, back-up for the officers arrived and set-up protest lines allowing for the two groups to safely interact with each other. The mounted unit made an appearance and stood back from afar.

At one point, a member of the far-left counter demonstration was captured on film yelling into an officer's face for creating a divide between the groups.

Members of the Controversial Communist party of Canada were present, joining the far-left side.

The ideology has been responsible for the death of nearly a hundred million across the world according to Professor Mark Kramer of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian studies.

The attendees opposing gender indoctrination in schools and advocating for the protection of children continued to occupy the busy street between the school board's offices and Lime Ridge mall. They passionately chanted their messages, which were warmly received by passing drivers who showed their support by honking their horns.

The crowd of counter-protesters ended up leaving earlier than the organized rally goers, and they chanted and cheered as the opposing crowd walked home.

Full report to follow at along with all of our reporters' field reports from across the country.

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