Massive turnout for Dr. James Lindsay event in Calgary sends cancel culture packing

We were fortunate to be joined by Dr. James Lindsay for an exclusive interview where he broke down the psychology of the cultural Marxists who are driving efforts to indoctrinate kids in schools.

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Dr. James Lindsay has been at the centre of a cancel culture firestorm here in Alberta these last few weeks. He is perhaps best known for publishing hoax papers, with titles like “The Conceptual Penis as a Societal Construct,” in academic peer reviewed journals that, to put it politely, call into question the credibility of the Marxist totalitarian mindset that has overrun academic institutions the world over.

A few weeks back, we spoke with the founder of Take Back Alberta, David Parker, who is hosting Edmonton and Calgary events featuring Dr. Lindsay. He shared that two venues and Eventbrite had already bailed on hosting the event due to “community pressure”.

Despite those venue cancellations, not to mention a few more since then, and despite the continued efforts to stop this event, David Parker and Dr. James Lindsay, who quipped that the event would happen even if it had to be in a Denny’s parking lot, managed to secure Calgary and Edmonton venues that did not cave to the pressure of the cancel culture mob.

It is worth noting that the Edmonton venue was Sikh owned and it was the Muslim community that rallied to provide a banquet hall here in Calgary.

The attempts at cancelling the event seemed to backfire massively and likely drew more out to the event than might have come had it gone off without a hitch. Ultimately over seven hundred attended in Edmonton and well over one thousand were on location for the Calgary event, where we were on location to bring you the story.

We were fortunate to be joined by Dr. James Lindsay for an exclusive interview where he broke down the psychology of the cultural Marxists who are driving these efforts to indoctrinate kids in schools. We also discussed cancel culture and why he believes he has garnered the ire of so many progressives.

Our own Rebel Commander Ezra Levant, whose exclusive interview with Dr. Linsday can be found on the Ezra Levant Show, joined me to discuss the chaos surrounding the event and the importance of venues that refuse to participate in political silencing.

We spoke with many in attendance, including Professor Frances Widdowson who was fired for daring to ask tough questions at a Calgary university, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms John Carpay, Jojo Ruba of Free to Care as well as former UCP candidate Nadine Wellwood who was disqualified from running from the party because of social media posts critical of vaccine passports.

In addition to discussing the cancel culture chaos surrounding the event with Pastor Artur Pawlowski, we spoke with Jeff Park of the Alberta Parent’s Union and one of the organizers of Calgary’s Muslim-led protests against LBGT-indoctrination, Mahmoud Mourra.

Finally, a few weeks after our initial conversation, we asked David Parker about how he felt the events went and how relieved he was that they went ahead despite all the obstacles he and Take Back Alberta’s team of volunteers had to overcome.

You can find more of our stories about parents taking a stand against the woke mob’s takeover of schools at

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