Muslim-led parents once again protest LGBTQ indoctrination at Calgary City Hall

For the second week in a row, a group of concerned parents led by a Calgary Muslim community took to Calgary City Hall to oppose LGBTQ indoctrination in schools and to affirm the role of parents as primary educators of their children.

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Last Friday’s protest saw hundreds of parents of all backgrounds and faiths standing in solidarity with only a handful of counter-protesters. By contrast, the latest protest which took place on Saturday, June 24, saw well over a hundred in attendance on both sides.

The rainbow adorned counter-protesters even made a point of arriving nearly an hour before the protest was scheduled to begin and placing themselves precisely where the Muslim-led group had gathered the week prior, at the foot of the steps leading up to City Hall.

The tension on the scene was palpable with back-and-forth shouting matches erupting as soon as people began to arrive. As numbers on both sides continued to grow and shouting matches escalated, a significant contingent of Calgary Police Service members arrived and attempted to maintain the peace by establishing a wall of sorts comprised of bicycle mounted officers.

Every time the streetlight near the protest would turn red, protesters would rush into the street, and in jockeying for position, we did see some verbal altercations escalate into pushing and shoving. Police also intervened in one instance when a fight almost erupted, but after pulling one individual aside for a conversation, no charges were laid. Some of the Muslim community members complained that it seemed to be them being spoken to and asked to move by police, while the counter-protesters seemed to be left to do as they pleased.

Rebel News once again spoke with event organizer Mahmoud Mourra, in addition to some of the speakers and attendees at the protest to ask what they are hoping to accomplish with their gatherings and to discuss the continued attacks on parental rights in education as well as the threat that LGBTQ indoctrination poses to religious rights and freedoms.

We also spoke with two of the more moderate counter-protesters who shared that they believe content must be age appropriate and religious freedoms must be preserved, but that they believe that a great deal of the concern is misplaced, and fear driven.

As the protest was wrapping up, a few members of the Muslim community arrived on motorcycles and parked briefly in a no parking zone. They were promptly ticketed instead of being asked to move, which prompted some loud discussions. But despite a large show of force by police, paired with surprisingly large tickets according to the offenders, the unexpected last-minute tension dissipated with the motorcyclists eventually riding off.

You can check out a recap of our twitter coverage of the event here.

Protests like this have been taking place across Canada, and as always, Rebel News is there on the front lines telling the other side of the story.

For all of our coverage of protests opposing radical LGBTQ indoctrination in schools, check in regularly at

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