Parental rights in Alberta's education system: Group lays out case for freedom of schooling choice

Are public teachers' unions afraid of parents choosing which schooling option is best for their family? Jeff Park of Alberta Parents' Union breaks down the facts on education in an exclusive interview with Rebel News.

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The Alberta Parents' Union is a parent-driven organization that advocates for quality education for all students. They are also strong proponents for choice in education, whether that be public, homeschool or separate charter schools, and believe that parents are better equipped to determine the educational needs of their children than the government.

Despite a great deal of fear mongering from NDP politicians and the Alberta Teachers Association over the quality of education in Alberta and the need for more spending, according to Alberta Parents' Union organizer Jeff Park, Alberta is doing very well when compared to other regions even on a global scale. He believes that the freedom to choose the best type of education no only ensure that a child is getting was is best for them, but that the atmosphere of competition between schools ensures a metric of accountability that does not exist when a single option public system is the only choice.

The message of parental choice and diverse schooling options is certainly resonating with parents, but some are so threatened by the Alberta Parents' Union's ideas that they had to deal with an organized and mass reporting effort which saw them kicked off Twitter despite having broken no rules.

With overwhelming evidence that choice in education provides better outcomes and better education at equal or lower costs to the government, Rebel News asked Jeff who could possibly be opposed to this. His response: the teachers' unions, who are unable to collect dues from or exercise their influence upon teachers who work for charter, independent and homeschool programs.

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