Matthew Macdonald, a key lawyer in win against Air Canada's union joins Ezra Levant

With the help of our three crowdfunded lawyers got Air Canada's union to file a grievance on behalf of an employee in regards to their vaccination policy.

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An Air Canada employee was being forced by Air Canada to get the jab despite already having COVID and being naturally immune. Air Canada was actually going to fire her.

Air Canada employees are "protected" by a union but since their union, CUPE, in this case wasn't doing anything to help this employee RebelNews stepped in.

We helped this Air Canada worker, and we crowdfunded three lawyers at two excellent law firms to go to battle — against the union, to compel them to file a grievance on her behalf.

You can see a copy of it at our special website for this case,

And they went back and forth with our lawyers — they tried to brush it off, rag the puck, slow-walk it, so that many workers would just succumb to pressure. I think that’s part of the strategy here — ratchet up the pressure so people just collapse and give in.

And then we did what we promised we’d do: we took the union to the industrial relations board. We literally sued the union on behalf of the member. For refusing to represent her.

And then — last night — the union blinked. They agreed.

They agreed to take the grievance on behalf of this Air Canada worker!

On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Matthew Macdonald, one of the key lawyers responsible for the Air Canada win joins Ezra Levant to talk about the case and what the next steps are.

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