WATCH: Melbourne freedom fighter's bail conditions DROPPED

Nick Patterson reveals the extent of his ongoing battle against 'malicious' prosecution in a new interview with Avi Yemini.

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I want to keep you informed about the case of Nick Patterson, a central figure in the 2021 lockdown protests in Melbourne under Dan Andrews' brutal pandemic rule.

Despite charges being dropped against others in the group, Nick faces ongoing legal battles after a tumultuous arrest during the protests.

"What I'm going through is a malicious prosecution, and that's that's very easily provable by the imposition of these bail conditions that I was given originally," Nick told me.

"And then, even after, I had all the the full gag order that they put on me for criticising the government. Once they took that away, I still was unable to leave the state, and there's no actual reason for that."

Nick said that through the tedious process, he managed to lift the 'oppressive' bail conditions through a variation earlier this year and now, finally after more than two years, he can again associate with friends who were involved in the 2021 interaction with police.

However he said that bureaucratic hurdles and interference from those bringing charges against him, delayed this process unnecessarily.

Nick believes his ordeal is a consequence of challenging mainstream narratives and exposing what he considers "lies and scams."

"You know, I've spent a lot of money on this case and we've got a lot of material that we're going to use later on," he said.

"And the plan is to prosecute these bastards. And, you know, police need to go to jail for what they've done and they can't continue to get away with this."

Nick said the toll of these legal battles, with countless court appearances and disclosure hearings, is not just financial but emotionally draining.

His tentative trial date is set for May 20th next year.

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