Melbourne university under fire over despicable anti-Israel activist tactics

Recent incidents at the University of Melbourne have sparked controversy as anti-Israel activists engage in appalling behaviour.

Melbourne university under fire over despicable anti-Israel activist tactics
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Anti-Israel activists at the University of Melbourne have sparked controversy by disrupting classrooms and photographing students to gauge their views on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The university's arts faculty has been particularly affected, prompting Dean Lesley Stirling to address the escalating complaints from students. In an email to staff, Professor Stirling highlighted the distress among students.

The dean urged caution in expressing views on the war, particularly in classrooms, citing instances where activists have entered classrooms and taken photographs after requesting students to indicate agreement with their statements.

The practice, reportedly carried out by individuals with anti-Israel views, has led to concerns among students, with some feeling unsafe on campus.

One Jewish student revealed they had resorted to online learning after being photographed without consent. Similar concerns have been raised at other universities in Melbourne, with students reporting the proliferation of antisemitic and anti-Israel materials on campus.

Activists have organized numerous anti-Israel protests and meetings across Melbourne, prompting calls for university leaders to prioritise the safety of Jewish students.

Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission stressed the need for universities to combat antisemitism, while Alex Ryvchin of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry condemned the targeting of Jewish students.

Policies have now been put in place to address breaches of conduct, including unauthorised photography in classrooms.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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