Migration surge is putting pressure on Australian housing crisis, government concedes

Record immigration levels a cause for concern amid tense global situation and cost-of-living pressures.

Migration surge is putting pressure on Australian housing crisis, government concedes
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An Australian government minister has acknowledged the increasing pressure to address the demand for housing amid a surge in migration, with approximately 500,000 new migrants entering Australia in the past year.

Despite calls from the opposition and experts to control immigration until sufficient housing is in place, Assistant Minister Tim Ayres dismissed concerns about the pace of home construction, stating that the influx was not "too quick."

However, industry experts have raised alarms over shortages of skilled tradespeople and supplies needed for housing construction.

Ayres, while defending the current migration rate, admitted the government must tackle key issues, including addressing skill shortages and expediting home construction.

Housing affordability has reached crisis levels nationwide, with soaring rents and resilient home prices, exacerbating the difficulties for Australians seeking housing.

The surge in migration has further strained the situation, reducing the supply of new dwellings and intensifying competition for existing properties among both locals and newcomers," Ayres stated.

Calls from figures such as New South Wales Opposition Leader Mark Speakman urge the Albanese government to reconsider the current migration levels until the housing crisis is addressed.

Despite government initiatives to boost housing supply, concerns persist about the speed of development and the need for infrastructure to support new projects, particularly in light of recent cuts to major infrastructure projects announced by Infrastructure Minister Catherine King.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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