Mikhaila Peterson shares her story and talks cancel culture

Mikhaila Peterson talks about her medical history, her meat-only diet, the breakdown of dialogue in society and more.

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There is a rapidly growing appetite for new media personalities that dare to have challenging conversations about difficult topics. This new wave of inquisitive conversational media, led by the first wave of bona fide podcast superstars like Joe Rogan, provides a refreshing contrast to the bland and often homogenous offering that mainstream corporate entities have been rolling out for years now.

In a world of cancel culture and groupthink, genuine conversations among people that aren’t necessarily just agreeing with each other are capturing increasingly massive audiences, while traditional media is fading away at an equally staggering rate.

Mikhaila Peterson, of The Mikhaila Peterson Podcasthas been one of the voices in this new media vanguard. She delves into topics that almost everyone has questions about, but that many won’t dare discuss beyond the company of trusted friends.

She also has a series called Opposing Views, in which she hosts two guests with opposing views on a contentious subject. People crave organic conversations about issues that really matter, and Mikhaila is reaching a growing audience by meeting this demand head-on and by facilitating these conversations on her platforms.

Mikhaila joined me to discuss her medical history, how it led her to a meat-only diet which in turn resulted in her essentially being cancelled for sharing how her diet turned her life around.

We touched on the breakdown of dialogue within society and the broader societal repercussions that have resulted from it. We also discussed some of the reasons behind why some people are extremely inclined to go along with official narratives even when they don’t necessarily make sense, while others seem more inclined to ask questions and seek out different opinions.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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