Millions spent on hotels in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland to house Trudeau's illegal migrants

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Today concludes Rebel News’ three part investigation into the costs to Caanadian taxpayers directly after Justin Trudeau's infamous 2017 #WelcomeToCanada tweet that caused a tidal wave of migrants crossing at the southern border.

The information comes from a two and a half year long access to information investigation resulting in 160 pages of billing, invoices and emails associated with transporting, housing and treating the medical ailments of the first wave of illegal immigrants to Canada in late 2017 and 2018.

Our first report detailed the demographics of the migrants, as well as their medical bills and ailments. The immigration documents revealed the majority of migrants are men under the age of 30 from Nigeria and Haiti, and some had dangerous infectious diseases like Tuberculosis. Each migrant had an average of six health insurance claims each.

Our second report detailed the costs to move and relocate the migrants and the associated costs covered by taxpayers at one Ontario conference facility, the Nav Center, to retool their operations to handle the incoming deluge of migrants. Immigration officials insisted on “deluxe coaches” to move the migrants from the border into Canada.

Today we examine some of the more outrageous 2018 hotel bills to house the illegal, mostly working age male migrants.

There was a 1.8 million dollar invoice to cover migrant accommodation costs from June to October 2018 at a LaColle, QC hotel. One Newfoundland hotel was paid 1.23 million dollars over the course of 5 months to house illegal migrants.

Immigration officials paid another hotel in Mississauga 122,000 dollars over the course of one month to hold unoccupied rooms for migrants.

To support our exclusive access to information investigation in to the Liberal’s failures at Canada’s southern border and to see my previous reports on these documents, please go to

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  • By Rebel News


Illegal immigrants with infectious diseases have been admitted to Canada. We have the documents to prove it. But we need your help to keep digging.


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