EXCLUSIVE: Invoices show “deluxe” buses ferried Trudeau's “irregular migrants” to their free housing

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In today’s second part of a three part exclusive investigation into the costs to Canadian taxpayers of Justin Trudeau’s infamous 2017 #WelcomeToCanada tweet, I examine busing, consulting, and some, but not all, hotel fees found in access to information documents obtained from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

September, 2017, we asked immigration officials to:

Provide copies of any documents showing the costs associated with dealing with those crossing the Canadian border illegally to make asylum claims, including the costs for (a) housing and accommodation; (b) food; (c) staff; (d) transport; (e) tents, fencing, trailers, etc. at the border; (f) transfers to provincial or municipal governments; (g) health and medical needs; since January 1, 2017.”

Rebel News received 160 pages on invoices, bills and budgeting documents as well as health and demographic information that demonstrated that most of the illegal migrants crossing at Canada’s southern border are males under the age of 30 from Haiti and Nigeria. The documents also revealed that some of the migrants had infectious diseases like Tuberculosis and had an average of six taxpayer-funded health claims per person, including dental and vision care.

Today’s video breaks down the transportation costs to take the migrants from the border to their new hotel homes, as well the invoices from the Nav Conference Centre.

There was a September 14, 2018 $7,400 charge for a “deluxe” bus to take the migrants to a hotel in Chatham Ontario, another $35,000 in fees for a project manager in charge of asylum seeker accommodation and a 15 million dollar contract with Nav Conference Centre in Cornwall, Ontario to house the migrants.

The Nav Centre charged the government for upgrades to their facilities, including in portable toilets, portable heaters, portable hand washing stations, portable showers, privacy fences, and outdoor generators.

Tomorrow, in our third installment, I am going to show you millions of dollars more in hotel bills from places far away from Roxham Road, like Newfoundland.

If you would like to support our investigative journalism to expose the Liberal failures at our southern border, please go to RebelInvestigates.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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