A look back at the most shocking lockdown tickets and arrests from our Fight The Fines campaign

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It was a now infamous video of a pastor in Calgary named Artur Pawlowski, who for many years has fed the homeless on the streets of the city, that convinced Ezra Levant to do something about the way the lockdowns were tearing our society apart. 

Rebel News started a project called Fight The Fines. We set up the website FightTheFines.com, and we decided we were going to crowdfund lawyers to fight egregious cases like this. And Artur was our very first client. Now, FightTheFines.com has over 1,800 clients, and is also in partnership with a registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, so that donations to the campaign receive charitable tax receipts.

In this video, Ezra Levant looks back at some of the most shocking and heartbreaking stories of lockdown fines, tickets, and arrests from across the world — including of Rebel News reporters. 

This is only an excerpt of yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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