Two conservative MPs stopped supporting Patrick Brown and are now endorsing Pierre Poilievre

Kyle Seeback and Dan Muys say their decision is based on divisiveness, and it’s not good for conservatives.

MP switches from Brown to Poilievre
Twitter / DanMuysMP and The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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On Tuesday, June 7, we learned that Kyle Seeback, MP for Dufferin-Caledon, posted to Twitter saying that he will now become an official endorser of Pierre Poilievre, after moving on from Patrick Brown. 

Remember, during the pandemic, Patrick Brown seemingly did not respect the restrictions that he imposed on his constituents at the cost of an $880 ticket.

Seeback wrote on Twitter: 

I believe there's one candidate - one my constituents support - who can unite conservatives & Canadians to become our next PM. 

That's @PierrePoilievre 

Let's put the divisiveness away, unite our movement behind #Pierre4PM & defeat Justin Trudeau to win the next election. 

Less than three hours later, another supporter of Mr. Brown, Dan Muys who is the MP for Flamborough—Glanbrook, also announced his decision to leave Brown and join Poilievre’s group for endorsement. 

Dan Muys also tweeted: 

@kyleseeback is right. Over the past month, I've been helping Ont. PC candidates in my spare time & haven't been engaged in the @CPC_HQ leadership. I am increasingly concerned about the divisiveness. 

Let’s unify behind @PierrePoilevre

Canada needs him & us to get this done. 

Patrick Brown just lost a good chunk of parliamentary supporters. In response to an interview request, Seeback mentioned that he has nothing else to say other than what’s in his tweet, adding that the divisive nature of the campaign is not beneficial to the Conservatives and that it is time for the Conservatives to unite. 

Could this sudden interest in Mr. Poilievre's party be related to the announcement of the number of memberships being sold?

According to The Toronto Star:

Poilievre’s campaign said Saturday 311,958 membership were sold directly by his campaign, with sources telling the Star upwards of 70,000 alone were sold in the 48 hours before Friday’s midnight sales deadline.

Multiple sources told CBC News that 600,000 members of the Conservative party will be eligible to vote next September. If that information turns out to be accurate, it will place Pierre Poilievre as the next leader.

MP Seeback and MP Muys both pointed out that the main reason for their sudden decision is based on the divisiveness, and they confirm it’s not good for conservatives.

However, the division has been there for more than two years within the campaigns, and this division has been present since the beginning of the leadership race.

As for the results obtained by Mr. Jean Charest, they have not yet been revealed. According to their campaign spokesperson, Jean Charest has a very good chance of winning the race. 


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