New Speaker of the House, same old Liberal habits

Sheila Gunn Reid looks at new Speaker of the House Greg Fergus, who — surprise, surprise — is just more of the same old Liberal habits.

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Greg Fergus has been chosen to replace outgoing speaker Anthony Rota after Rota was made the Liberals' burnt offering in an attempt to end the ongoing Nazigate scandal raging in the House of Commons.

Rota's career-ending fiasco occurred when he introduced Ukrainian Nazi Waffen-SS volunteer Yaroslav Hunka to a hero's welcome in the House of Commons during a visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Hunka lived in middle-class obscurity in North Bay, Ontario, despite his war criminal past, when he was trotted out to a standing ovation during Zelensky's speech and honoured for his bravery in "fighting the Russians" during the Second World War.

Tuesday, the Commons chose Fergus, the Liberal MP for Hull-Aylmer, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's personal parliamentary secretary, as the new speaker.

However, if Canadians were expecting something new from the new Speaker, they might not want to hold their breath.

Fergus represents the Liberal status quo policies of racebaiting, censorship and fearmongering.

Fergus used some of his committee time to raise whether anonymous leaks to journalists about Chinese state interference could themselves “represent a form of foreign interference.”

Cabinet “pissed away our credibility” in dealing with the Freedom Convoy, said Fergus in a text message critical of the cabinet on February 12, 2022. “Put a solid RCMP or Canadian Armed Forces spokesman before the press since we politicians have pissed away our credibility," he wrote.

Fergus wrote a letter to Canada's broadcast regulator, the CRTC, to support a television channel's application for mandatory carriage despite federal guidelines prohibiting parliamentary secretaries from intervening, resulting in an ethics violation.

Fergus called it an exaggeration when Trudeau elbowed the breast of an NDP MP in the House of Commons.

He's a new Liberal Speaker, but it's more of the same old Liberal baggage.

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