New Toronto mayor's active participation with Chinese Communist front orgs | Andy Lee

Andy Lee joins Ezra Levant for a look at the role groups affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party played in Toronto's recent mayoral election.

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The newly elected mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow, has come under fire after issues were raised about organizations affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party supporting her campaign.

Rebel News contributor Andy Lee outlined these allegations in a recent story, including how despite claims from Chow's campaign, a video proves there was involvement between the campaign and these groups.

Andy joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show for a further look at how this scandal is unfolding, and how the CCP is trying to influence Canadian politicians of all levels and parties.

Detailing the assistance Chow received from these front groups, Andy told Ezra:

There's every indication that Chow — and if not Chow, then part of her team — was aware that this organization was throwing their weight behind her and pushing for her to get elected.

And again, it's not unusual, it's happened before. It's going to happen again. But (it's) part of a troubling pattern and increasingly part of an influence op where we might see people with underlying motivations who are pushing to get certain politicians elected. Not always Liberal or left-leaning politicians, sometimes Conservative politicians as well.

But in general, people who have a less hawkish view on the Chinese Communist Party.

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