Trudeau hands out billions abroad while Canadians struggle to pay the bills

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, the financial disparity in our nation is glaringly apparent. While Trudeau lavishly hands out billions of dollars to foreign countries and wealthy corporations, Canadians are struggling to make ends meet. 

recent report reveals a distressing fact: more than half of Canadians are just $200 away from being unable to pay all their bills. Take a moment to let that sink in. The stress and burden this places on families, especially those with children, is unimaginable. How did we reach this point?

The rising cost of living and higher interest rates have stretched budgets to their breaking point. In April, 46% of Canadians shared this struggle, but now, that number has risen to 52%. The situation is dire, and the government seems out of touch with the reality faced by ordinary citizens.

Justin Trudeau, constantly booed and heckled wherever he goes, would rather jet off to foreign countries, funded by Canadian taxpayers, to bask in the limelight and pretend to be a global star. However, his actions no longer fool the people. The Canadian media, under his influence, still tries to cover for him, but the truth is slipping through the cracks.

Trudeau's eagerness to spend Canadians' money knows no bounds. A recent example is his government's decision to throw $450 million at the United Nations for "climate" initiatives in third-world countries. It is difficult to fathom a more egregious waste of funds. How much of that money will end up lining the pockets of corrupt officials? We may never know.

Meanwhile, back home, Canadians are suffering. Trudeau's reckless spending and indifference to fiscal responsibility have left us in a dire state. The recent interest rate hikes have caused mortgage payments to double, leaving young homeowners struggling to keep up. Combined with carbon taxes and inflation, our economy is being deliberately stifled, making us poorer by the day.

The Bank of Canada, responsible for safeguarding our economy, has failed miserably. They claim to be "surprised" by inflation, a shockingly incompetent admission from an institution that should have anticipated such developments. Yet, they have no qualms about rewarding themselves with $27 million in bonuses while ordinary Canadians bear the brunt of their policies.

Mass immigration, another key factor in skyrocketing prices, is conveniently ignored by most political parties. The Bank of Canada, to its credit, acknowledges the impact of this influx on housing, food, wages, and public services. It's time for our politicians to address this issue honestly, instead of pursuing woke, radical agendas.

The situation is dire, and it is ordinary Canadians who are paying the price. Trudeau's empty promises and lack of empathy for struggling citizens are disgraceful. As foreign media outlets shed light on the truth, it becomes clear that our government is failing us.

We must demand better, for ourselves and for the less fortunate among us.

GUEST: Andy Lee, Rebel's Special Rapporteur reporter on Toronto's new mayor, Olivia Chow, being helped unknowingly by a pro-Beijing group.

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