'No truth to any of the nitrogen bull****': Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Restrictions on emissions like nitrogen, which greatly affects farmers, is a worldwide issue because it's part of a global agenda, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Rebel News.

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“It's a worldwide issue because it's a global agenda. It's a globalist agenda of control,” the Dutch commentator told Rebel News' Callum Smiles at a demonstration against proposed nitrogen reductions in The Hague, Netherlands on Saturday.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte's government has proposed a 30% reduction in agricultural nitrogen use as part of a broader climate change policy, which critics and experts say will cause farmers to abandon their land, cull livestock, reduce yields and cause food inflation and empty grocery store shelves for the consumer.

Although the nitrogen targets were first proposed three years ago, protests have been ongoing since. Dutch parliamentary elections this week have sparked a reignition of mass demonstrations.

Rebel News deployed a team of journalists from the UK to cover the recent farmer uprising in the Netherlands. To see and support their independent journalism, please visit www.FarmerRebellion.com.

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