Nurse fired over refusal to comply with unreasonable medical mandates

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Something strange is happening.

A shift is taking place.

In particular, I am referring to the way that doctors, health care workers and nurses are being treated today compared to the beginning of the pandemic. You see, when this started, hospital staff around the world were championed by politicians and the public alike.

They were the heroes of the day.

Even the mainstream media showcased amateur videos of badly choreographed dance routines, that were filmed in hospitals that were allegedly overflowing with dying patients. Victims of the pandemic.

And even if that wasn’t the strangest thing about the last 19 months or so, there are new victims of this pandemic. The very same health care workers who were once dancing in hallways are now walking out of them for the very last time.


Because of their own medical choices.

In this short interview, I want to introduce to you a nurse who was recently fired from her job, for not complying with medical mandates that are leaving millions out of work. And like many people who I interview, she was so afraid of revealing her identity she covered her face with 3 masks.

If one thing is for certain, is that this brave woman’s story won’t be shared by the mainstream media. So, if you think this is as important as I do, please head over to and give what you can, and together we can continue to give this nurse and others like her, the platform to share their stories.

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  • By David Menzies

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