NZ fuel prices surge as cost of living crisis deepens

Motorists in New Zealand face a sharp increase in petrol costs, with prices hitting $3 per litre, following the end of the government's fuel tax subsidy.

NZ fuel prices surge as cost of living crisis deepens
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New Zealand motorists are bracing themselves for the next time they fill their car with petrol as prices break through the $3 per litre mark.

The price shock comes almost two months after the Government’s fuel tax subsidy ended.

The government-provided subsidy was introduced last March in a bid to relieve cost of living stress. It had taken 25 cents a litre off at the pump.

But with the subsidy gone, families are now being hit hard.

Prices at the pump have jumped around 55 cents per litre in just the past six weeks, according to the Automobile Association.

Many workers, driving Uber’s in their spare time to earn extra money to cover bills, now fear they will now struggle to make ends meet.

One driver said that after tax, he was left with $4 for every $10 he earned driving an Uber.

"After all expenses, I'll end up around $200 (a week) if I'm lucky - if I'm lucky,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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