“Once you say there is a limit, there is no free speech” Prof. Salim Mansur on censorship

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Last weekend, I visited the St. Thomas Freedom Rally. One of the speakers welcomed at the rally was professor Salim Mansur

He fled genocide in the throes of militant dictatorship during the Indo-Pakistani war in 1971. As a Canadian resident, Salim became an academic-turned-journalist-turned political candidate. His life experiences give him valuable perspective on the current political landscape in Canada.

Salim addressed the crowd at Memorial Arena before marching to the nearby cenotaph where he paid homage to our veterans and recited “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae, “Invictus” by William Henley, and “The Recessional” by Rudyard Kipling. 

After the rally had wound down, I had the chance to catch up with Salim and ask him a few questions. 

He condemned all four of the main Canadian political parties for being infiltrated by extreme ideology and aligning with globalist agendas. He stressed the importance of engaging in critical discussion, and he says we need history to be able to do that. 

It’s only through these conversations that we can have a balance in politics… yet under the Liberal government we seem to have the most divided, biased and torn country, perhaps ever

Salim was expelled from the Conservative Party for denouncing radical Islam — namely the Muslim Brotherhood. It's because of this repression in Canadian political parties that Salim will not be rejoining the Conservative Party, as he does not support the UN agenda. 

This ejection shows that there is a need in the Canadian political system for respectful democratic debate and to honour differences of opinion, and Salim says he's going to continue to run with the People’s Party of Canada, claiming that they are the only party that is truly for the people. 

Talking with Salim left me wondering: why are Canadian political leaders not taking a stronger stance against the Muslim Brotherhood  a violent terrorist organization  like even countries in the Muslim world are?

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