Lockdown protesters demand government, media “STOP SPREADING FEAR” in St. Thomas, Ontario

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Over the weekend, I covered another freedom rally against lockdowns and overreaching government COVID mandates. This time it was in St. Thomas, Ontario!

Finally, there was some mainstream coverage of this sort of event. But they mainly covered and highlighted unwelcoming words from local Mayor Joe Preston, the divisive happenings within the community, and the terrified urge to shutter local businesses in response to the peaceful gathering.

A series of rabid maskers lined the pathway of the march the protestors took from Memorial Arena to the cenotaph, shouting profanities and vulgarities, it is clear that they’ve been led to believe that there is some sort of inherent safety risk of a group gathering outdoors without a mask.

Despite threats of fines from Tanya Calvert of the St. Thomas Police Service, officers did a great job at ensuring the safety of all those in attendance while keeping a clear line of sight between the aggressive maskers and those peacefully marching.

Have a listen to the dissenting voices of those in attendance!

In this video, I cover everything from their reasons for being at this demonstration, to how they felt about those opposing the protest, and what the future holds for those questioning the mainstream narrative.

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