Ontario doctor takes stand against CPSO for alleged suppression and censorship of treatment options

Ontario physician Dr. Akbar Khan believes that he has been on the receiving end of criminal misconduct by his regulatory body and has decided to fight back.

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In this interview, Dr. Akbar Khan details an ongoing investigation of him by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that predates the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Khan has been offering off-label, gentle cancer treatments to patients in Ontario for approximately 15 years. He opened a clinic in 2007 that offers evidence-based therapies which he says “are either natural and [therefore] unpatentable or old drugs that are off-patent so there’s no motivation to use them commercially; they don’t make a big profit."

Providing metabolic therapy was already “unpopular with conventional oncologists, so really it’s the opposition of the conventional doctors that has caused all of the problems,” Dr. Kahn says, as he details the complaints against him.

These complaints were unfounded and did not proceed further. However, when Dr. Khan began providing patients with SEF chemo — a broad spectrum chemo immunotherapy that is said to have minimal side effects — the CPSO once again received complaints and launched an investigation against him.

“The initial investigation found nothing wrong.” Dr Khan alleges. “Clearly they were unhappy, they hired another expert and all of a sudden everything was wrong. That expert gave false testimony that they used against me and they used that to revoke my licence.”

Stephanie, a patient of Dr. Khan, says that this is a crime. “What they’re saying about him is absolutely untrue. It’s fabricated and it’s fraud. In my opinion the CPSO has sentenced the cancer patients to death.”

Dr. Khan says that he is “quite fed up with the behaviour of the College” and that he “believes it to be criminal.”

Dr. Khan has since filed criminal charges against the CPSO. He claims that the judge agreed that there was prima facie evidence of fabrication of evidence and obstruction of justice.

A Crown prosecutor is set to move forward with criminal proceedings on August 29, where the evidence will be presented again to another judge. "The hope is to have criminal indictments issued against certain individuals and the CPSO," says Dr. Khan.

Dr. Khan refers to legal processes as being too slow. He says that his patients have been calling on the provincial government — specifically Premier Doug Ford and Health Minister Sylvia Jones — to step in and restore his licence to practice medicine.

Dr. Khan emphasized the urgency of the situation. “The CPSO has pulled the rug out from under these cancer patients and the outcome is basically guaranteed that their cancers will regrow and regrow rapidly and they will die.”

Countless dissident physicians who have spoken out against official COVID narratives have also received threats from the CPSO to abstain from sharing evidence that is contrary to the status quo, and have been prevented from treating their patients with evidence based, off-label therapies.

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