OPINION: Black box for Earth or an expensive 'climate crisis' stunt?

An indestructible device will record our impending 'climate catastrophe lessons' for future generations, but who will be around to learn from it?

OPINION: Black box for Earth or an expensive 'climate crisis' stunt?
Earth's Black Box / earthsblackbox.com
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Australia has reached peak-authoritarian after deciding to create an indestructible ‘black box’ to hold the world accountable for the so-called ‘climate crisis’.

“‘Earth Black Box’ is a structure and device that will record every step that humanity takes towards or away from the impending climate catastrophe,” said Jim Curtis, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO.

The plan is to build the Earth Black Box in Tasmania – a place of (supposedly) political and geographic stability. When talking about the Earth’s climate and geology, ‘stability’ depends upon your perspective of ‘time’.

Earth Black Box has a range of creators, from the marketing and communications company Clemenger BBDO to researchers, artists, technologists, and public institutions such as the University of Tasmania.

Forget the old communist and fascist regimes creating ‘lists’ full of names to be punished during the revolution, the ‘Earth Black Box’ is designed to permanently store scientific data on the successes and failures of climate action.

The intention, according to the creators involved, is to ‘hold leaders accountable and leave lessons for future generations'.

The natural question is, for whom?

If the Climate Change Apocalypse manifests, the ice caps melt and drown us all, the end times arrive, and the human race wipes itself out (as suggested by Extinction Rebellion) – who are we creating this black box for? Is it so that the next iteration of life on Earth can stand in judgement of us?

More likely, this is an expensive gimmick born out of the recent UN climate forum in Glasgow.

The 10-metre-long black box will be connected to the internet (providing the internet survives the apocalypse) and use algorithms to hunt for global climate data before storing it. Presumably, if something happens to the fragile global network, the Earth Black Box will be rendered an indestructible inert object.

Designed to be impervious to natural disasters, the Earth Black Box will be powered by solar and thermal energy – although there is no information about how researchers solved the notoriously short life of solar panels in the abrasive terrestrial environment, or how it intends to power itself and maintain a wifi signal if it ends up underwater.

If the worst is to happen and as a civilization, we crash as a result of climate change, this indestructible box will be there and will record every detail of that. So whoever’s left, or whoever finds it afterwards, learns from our mistakes,” said Curtis.

The Earth Black Box is due for completion mid-2022.

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