OTTAWA THIS WEEK | Tags create Liberal tears, Iran, taxes and Libs heckling a sexual assault bill

This week in Ottawa, the Liberals shockingly unequivocally refuse to call the IRGC a terrorist entity. Conservatives continue to put pressure on the Liberals to lower taxes, Liberal MPs mock a bill to harden the consequences of sexual assaults, and Liberals use a hitpiece on Youtube hashtags to try and discredit Pierre Poilievre.

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On Monday, the Liberals made it clears that when it comes to their caucus, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is not a terrorist entity. 

Indeed, deputy leader of the Conservatives Melissa Lantsman asked in the House of Commons if she had the unanimous consent of the house to label the IRGC a terrorist entity. 

A Liberal member of Parliament said no! Lantsman told Rebel News that she is unable to confirm who exactly objected to the motion, but that the member was sitting on the Liberal bench. 

The IRGC has been prominent recently, as protests have erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who appears to have been beaten to death at the hands of the regime's morality police.

That same day, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre put pressure on the Liberals to cancel both their planned tax hikes and their current carbon tax. Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault took the lead in responding to Poilievre, telling the Opposition leader that Canada has “the most effective” carbon tax “in the world.”

Tuesday, a shocking incident occurred. 

Prior to question period, Conservative MP Frank Caputo introduced a bill to create more severe penalties for offenders that commit sexual assaults on kids and adults. 

Without even letting the member of Parliament finish his statement, Liberal MPs began heckling him. Conservative MP John Brassard pointed out on Twitter that the two individuals heckling Caputo were Kevin Lamoureux and Mark Gerretsen. 

That same day, it was Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s responsibility to face Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre during the usual Poilievre-Liberal cabinet confrontation, since the prime minister himself, Justin Trudeau, was absent.

This time, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino decided to jump in to assist the deputy PM when answering questions regarding Canada’s sanctions for the IRGC. Poilievre pressured both to cancel their planned tax hikes and asked why the Liberals seem so stubborn in their refusal to list the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Later, Omar Alghabra was caught by Rebel News, coming out of West Block. However, the transport minister wouldn’t answer any questions, refusing to even let the first question be asked. Conservative MPs also spoke about how they believe a Conservative-led government could restore the broken links between Ottawa and Alberta

Then, on Wednesday, Poilievre took the opportunity to criticize Trudeau in person for the first time in over a week, since Trudeau has been flying around the world, bungee jumping in Quebec or just generally avoiding the House of Commons, something he’s been accused of since at least 2013. Poilievre spoke about the carbon tax, upcoming tax hikes, and the IRGC. 

Freeland also spoke to reporters regarding what the Liberals are doing to deal with the IRGC. She told them that "everything is absolutely on the table" regarding sanctions.

However, the Liberals still refuse to label the IRGC a terror entity. 

Later, Elizabeth May, the well-known feminist and leader of the Green Party, advocated for more women to be involved in the govenrment. 

May essentially said there aren’t enough women in government, claiming it doesn’t represent the population accurately. May cited a UN Sustainable Development Goal calling for gender parity in Parliament by 2030.

May, also in agreement with the UN’s plan, stated her belief that “official party status” should not be granted to parties that refuse to run a gender-neutral field of candidates.

Thursday, Trudeau was back in Parliament for a second day in a row.

On his first day back, Global News published a hit piece alleging Poilievre had been using “#mgtow” as a tag on his YouTube videos since 2018.

“MGTOW” stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”, an organization labelled asanti-feminist, misogynistic, a mostly-online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society which they believe has been corrupted by feminism.” 

Global News said that an “analysis of 50 of Poilievre’s most recent YouTube videos showed that they included a tag — hidden from viewers, but not from the videos’ publisher — used by a misogynistic online movement.” 

“The tag helps promote Poilievre’s videos among those circles, and signals to YouTube what users might be interested in the Conservative leader’s messaging,” Global News alleged. 

Liberals made sure to use the hit piece to their advantage, sending two of their female MPs to complain about the use of the tag before question period. 

Trudeau took the topic to question period as well, using the story as a talking point to grill Poilievre on the issue. This didn’t end up in a positive result for Trudeau, as Poilievre reminded the House of the many times Trudeau wore blackface, and of the many sexual incidents he has been involved in since he was elected as leader of the Liberal Party. 

During question period, Conservative MP Michael Chong questioned the Liberals over the fact that Chinese police stations are installed in Canada. 

Chong also addressed the fact that the Liberals continue to allow Iranian officials to operate and visit Canada freely. 

Mendocino took the chance, when mentioning women’s rights in Iran, to mention Poilievre’s alleged use of the “MGTOW” term.

He also completely disregarded the part of the question related to Chinese police stations. 

The Liberals have yet to call the IRGC a terrorist entity, and instead prefer to focus on the allegations that Poilievre used misogynist tags on his Youtube videos. 

On Friday, Poilievre was absent from question period. Instead, Conservative House Leader Andrew Scheer questioned the Liberal ministers over the upcoming tax hikes and hike in the carbon tax. 


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