Outrage over terror-glorifying shirt at NSW tourist site

An Australian Jew has expressed concern over attire celebrating Hamas' terrorism spotted at a NSW tourist hotspot while staff inaction sparks anger.

Outrage over terror-glorifying shirt at NSW tourist site
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A Jewish man, who captured an image of a visitor at a prominent NSW tourist attraction wearing a shirt commemorating the October 7 terror attack, expressed dismay at the indifferent response from the site's staff upon reporting the incident.

Steve Joffe, a resident of Sydney’s north shore, recounted his experience at the Scenic World café, where he observed a man sporting a soccer jersey bearing the inscription “Oct 7,” the Palestinian flag's colours, and a watermelon icon - a symbol associated with pro-Hamas groups.

Joffe, in an interview with Sky News, voiced his concerns, stating

“Everyone has their view of freedom of speech, but this is actively supporting terrorism." He further added, “We have laws against discrimination and hate speech now and for me, this falls into that category.”

Despite Joffe's attempt to alert the staff, he was met with dismissiveness. He noted:

“They were very nonchalant, didn’t register that it was something people might find disturbing as a start and then kind of palmed it off.”

The incident, which occurred at the Blue Mountains' Scenic World, has garnered widespread condemnation from various quarters, including NSW Premier Chris Minns and NSW Opposition Leader Mark Speakman.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, chair of the Jewish rights group Anti-Defamation Commission, condemned the act as "evil and antisemitism, pure and simple," urging authorities to take swift action.

However, Joffe expressed disappointment over the lack of follow-up from NSW Police, despite lodging a report with CrimeStoppers.

The incident adds to growing concerns over the glorification of terrorism, with calls for authorities to address such acts decisively to prevent further incidents of racial intolerance.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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