Pastor Artur banned from Calgary City Hall for ‘trespassing’ on public property during rally in support of Pastor Reimer

Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s exercise of his freedom of speech at the Calgary City hall quickly escalated into an altercation involving police chasing and cornering protesters, and a month-long ban from the property for Artur and his brother Dawid.

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This is just an excerpt from The Ezra Levant Show. To see new, ad-free episodes, which air Monday - Friday @ 8 p.m. ET | 6 p.m. MT, become a subscriber to RebelNews+This episode originally aired on March 3, 2023.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke to Rebel reporter Angelica Toy about the story she and Syd Fizzard are covering involving pastor Derick Reimer and the Calgary police. 

Angelica told Ezra about the latest on Pastor Reimer:

This morning I ended up going to the Calgary Spy Hill jail center and I was sitting there for hours until a police officer came outside and informed me that Derek Reimer has supposedly been released at midnight the night before. Now, yesterday, I was also there at about 7 pm, until an officer told me that they will not be released until the following day. He didn't specify whether or not it was in the morning or later. But you know, I came there bright and early just to make sure I could catch him and I was told he was released. So right now, nobody knows his whereabouts. His roommate doesn't know where he is. Nobody has any contact from his cell phone, and nobody's heard from him.

Ezra questioned whether or not the police were being honest in telling Angelica to go home:

I wonder if the police officer who basically told you to go home, was doing that in good faith or if it was just trickery. As we saw yesterday when the police arrested Pastor Reimer, they tried to block Sydney, block his camera, and made up some B.S. excuse to get him to show ID. I mean, I think the Calgary police are behaving very badly. I don't know if the message to you to go home was a trick or what?

Angelica told Ezra about the rally in support of Pastor Reimer, involving his friend Pastor Artur Pawlowski. What started off as a peaceful, supportive speech ended with Pastor Artur and his brother David being served with a one-month ban from City Hall. 

Ezra asked what the pastor could have done wrong legally to justify this ban.

At least in Toronto, you can kick anyone off your private property for any reason or no reason. And it should be that way. If someone's in your front yard, you should be able to say ‘get off’ and they should have to leave without a reason. But on public property is very different unless you're doing something aggressive that’s drunk and disorderly, or there are certain prohibited activities. But other than that, you can be in a park, you can be in a public place. You can be on a sidewalk. And the idea of trespassing someone off of a public place is that I'm skeptical that it was done lawfully because the city hall, I mean, perhaps in the council chambers, there's a different rule, but just being in the big building of city hall and someone says get out because the mayor hates Arthur Pavlovsky and Derek Reimer with a passion of 1000 burning suns, you can tell. Do you know what they did wrong? Like what, other than the mayor hating these guys, what happened?

Angelica explained that neither of them had done anything illegal, and were simply exercising their rights found in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, only to be cracked down upon by the establishment for saying something they didn’t like.

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